HB Products A/S

Product Return

Please return this form together with the products. The products and forms must be sent to our representative/distributor in the country where they were purchased. Find your representative in the menu "search our agents worldwide". If we have no representative in your country, return the product directly to our main office in Denmark.

Before returning defective products to HB Products A/S, you must fill out this form. 

Fill out our Product Return Form

The defective products must be sent in a condition that allows us to carry out error detection, and they must be suitably packaged.

RMA conditions:
Products under warranty are repaired or exchanged at no cost. The warranty lasts 12 months from the time the product is put into operation, however no longer than 18 months following our shipping date.
If the products are no longer under warranty, HB Products A/S can in some cases offer to repair the product. Any such repair will be charged.

Returning defective products can only take place once the RMA form has been sent and once you have received the RMA number, which you must include with the defective product.
The product must be returned within 7 days of receiving an RMA number - otherwise the RMA number will be cancelled. The issue of an RMA number is not an indication that the complaint has been accepted or that the product will be credited.

All returns are carried out at your expense and risk. If a fault is not found on the product which has been returned, HB Products A/S can charge a fee for fault detection and for handling the complaint.