HB Products A/S

HB online webshop

For HB Products the webshop means less time spend for order handling and for that we will reward the customers who are using the webshop. The webshop also means that risk of order failures are reduced as customers are able to pick articles in menus, and the orders are placed directly in our order handling system. When we receive order from the webshop we will evaluate the order lead time, release the order and an order confirmation will be send. 

By ordering through our webshop you can: 

1) Avoid order handling fee of 30 EUR for orders
2) Get free shipment, when orders placed are higher than 500 Euro (customers with credit card payment)
3) Save time and get a better overview
4) Get an overview of all orders you have placed
5) Get a HB credit account in case you purchase randomly
6) Wiew and select configuration details on each sensor

Configuration of sensors:

Main part of the sensors can be individual configurated to the application. It is possible to e.g. have "remote control", "compressor protection" enabled. Where it is relevant the information will pop-up and you can select it with out any extra cost.